Sketch War started one cold Friday in February of ’08 as so many things do: because some boys are overly competitive. Mr. Brownlee had posted a sketch on his personal blog (reproduced here for your enjoyment) indicating his desire to be more disciplined about writing regularly. Mr. Porter read that sketch and responded the only way a juvenile man could: writing his own sketch and challenging Mr Brownlee to regular battle.

Over the next 10 months they, and some other funny people, wrote sketches on their personal blogs every Friday night. In December they launched a new groupblog on Blogger for a more concentrated dose of bemusement. The boys got a lucky break in February ’09 when Chuck Westbrook featured them in his Blog Mob Project. Which of course made them realize how badly they needed a hosted solution.

If you’re interested in contributing to Sketch War, contact us at sketchwar@sketchwar.org.