The Throwing of the Gauntlet

Friend and fellow writer, Richard Porter, read my post yesterday and decided he had to one-up me with a very funny sketch about Mitt Romney and Al Gore. Not only that, but slapped me across the face with his fancy, leather gloves, threw them to the ground and challenged me to a duel. A sketch off if you will, to be posted every Friday. Being a red-blooded, American male I have no choice but to accept this challenge and hope that he won’t be too embarrassed in front the lady folk when I beat him soundly with a rubber chicken.

All kidding aside, as a writer, it’s always nice to have someone in your corner to raise the bar a little and push you further and further. WNEP’s Write Club is great for this. As is, the Joe Janes led, Robo-Writers. (Which I need to get back in the habit of attending.) But if you don’t belong to a group or have time to attend a gathering, a little friendly competition can do the trick too.

So come join us as we do battle during Friday Night Sketch War! I dare ya.